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"Not a fart. This ain’t Dreamworks."  - Travis Knight (At SDCC 2014 for Laika’s The BoxTrolls panel about a question asked about the script notes for stop motion films)

"Fine. My name’s Aris. What else you wanna know?"

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Thomas: A time I’ve challenged the system

Newt: A phrase or slang term I use frequently

Alby: Something that has to be kept in order

Frypan: Ideal meal I’d cook or want someone to cook for me

Gally: Someone I’ve hated

Minho: A time where I got sassy or sarcastic

Teresa: A person I am close with

Ben: Something that drives me crazy

Jeff: The person or persons I’d most want to protect

Clint: Something I’ve observed (random thing)

Zart: Something I do in my down time

Winston: A dark confession

Chuck: A time where I pulled a prank or an ideal prank I’d like to pull

Aris: Someone I’ve lost

Harriet: A moment I sided with the underdog or accused

Sonya: The person I’d tag team with if in a competition or serious life or death case

Rachel: A truth about myself that few would know by looking at me

hellacuteian asked:
Once you get this, post 5 random facts about yourself, and then send it to your 10 favorite followers! :)

Why not? Thanks for sending this my way hellacuteian!

  1. Oswald the Lucky Rabbit is my favorite Disney character. Before Disney reacquired him in 2005/2006, I took an interest in him after reading a biography about Walt Disney and a section mentioned that technically Oswald was Walt’s first big character before Mickey Mouse. I like that he’s tech-savvy in Epic Mickey and quirky – he can detach his ears and turn them into keys or use them like helicopter propellers to fly.
  2. I gravitate to characters with a distinct personality and believable flaws. Lately I’ve been liking a lot of characters who either show wisdom beyond their years or ones who use sarcasm. (Ex. Bran Stark for the first type and Minho for the latter.)
  3. I like singing as long as I’m not asked to do so under pressure.
  4. I met three Hunger Games actors at Comic Con and got a chance to talk to them a day before their appearance signing at the Lionsgate booth.
  5. I want to master the art of making French macarons.

Blogrates v.2 


Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

URL: Hacker | Scientist | Engineer | Field Agent | Specialist Agent | Director

Theme: 0-8-4 | Simmons | Fitz | The Cavalry | Tin-Man | A.C.

Posts: Computer | Night-Night Gun | D.W.A.R.F. drones | The Bus | Gun | Lola

Overall: Skye | Jemma Simmons | Leo Fitz | Melinda May | Grant Ward | Phil Coulson



URL: Bystander | Kehrseite-Schlich-Kennen | Partner-in-Crime | Fuchsbau | Blutbad | Half-Zauberbiest | Grimm-in-training | Grimm

Theme: Wisecracking policeman | Vet | Police Detective | Specialty Shop Owner | Clockmaker | Police Captain | Runaway | Homicide Detective

Posts: I miss the sound of a homicide in the morning. | So, just a normal day at the office? | I wish I could do that. | How much am I worth? | What am I, your personal Grimmopedia? | There’s a part of me that doesn’t wear a badge, and there’s no telling what he’d do. |  Nobody calls me Teresa. …They call me Trubel. | A Grimm. It’s sort of a family problem.

Overall: Wu | Juliette | Hank | Rosalee | Monroe | Renaud | Trubel | Nick


Gravity Falls

URL: Faux Psychic | Loyal Co-worker | Lazy Teenager | Scheming Moneymaker | Keen Observer | Arts ‘n’ crafts person | Supernatural being

Theme: Lil’ Gideon | Dude | Wendy | Grunkle Stan | Dip | Shooting Star | Bill

Posts: People have a hard time saying ‘no’ to me. | Dude, you guys are like the Mystery Twins! | Hey guys, what’s this? A secret ladder to the roof? …Roof time! Roof time! Roof time! | We’ve got another long day of fleecin’ rubes tomorrow! | Mabel, I have very keen powers of observation. | I think…it needs more glitter. | Until then I’ll be watching you! I’ll be watching you…

Overall: Gideon | Soos | Wendy | Stan | Dipper | Mabel | Bill Cipher


Isaac Hempstead-Wright is going to be at SDCC for The BoxTrolls! But Grimm will be around that same time. Hmmm gonna need some help deciding… Anyone?

Coalite – Chapter 1 

First chapter to a story I started writing. I’m just writing and letting it take me wherever it goes.

Disclaimer: All characters created in this story are fictional and any similarities between them and real people are purely coincidental. These are figures and scenarios from my imagination that I own/created.

Want more? Read on:

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Rated F for Fandoms (Blogrates) 

I loved the themed blogrates that damedehaans did recently so I decided to try my hand at it.

YA Books

URL: Okay Sayer | Wizard | Jumper | Runner | Tribute

Theme: Augustus “Gus” Waters | Hermione Granger | Tobias “Four” Eaton | Minho | Katniss Everdeen

Posts: It’s a Metaphor | Expecto Patronum | Don’t try to define me | Great, we’re all bloody inspired | Make sure they remember you

Overall: A Little Infinity | The Boy Who Lived | Divergent | The Real Leader | The Mockingjay



URL: Bug | MU Scaring Major | Fish | Wilderness Explorer | Andy’s Favorite Toy | Piston Cup Champion | Chef | Superhero | Princess | Robot

Theme: Flik | Mike Wazowski | Nemo | Ellie Fredricksen | Buzz Lightyear | Tow Mater | Remy | Dash Parr | Queen Elinor | EVE

Posts: Pretend it’s a seed | You’re not even in the same league as me | Just keep swimming, just keep swimming… | Adventure is out there! | You’ve got a friend in me | I am speed | Anyone can cook! | I never look back dahling | If you could change your fate, would you? | Wa-WALL-E

Overall: The oddball of the colony | Monsters Inc. Top Scarer | Sharkbait | Adventurer for life | Sheriff | Rookie | Unlikely chef | Edna Mode | Will-o’-the-wisps | WALL-E



URL: Snowman | Reindeer | Ice Harvester | Princess | Queen | Prince

Theme: Olaf | Sven | Kristoff | Anna | Elsa | Hans

Posts: I like warm hugs | ‘snorts’ | Reindeer are better than people | This is awkward. Not you’re awkward but just because we’re - I’m awkward, you’re gorgeous - wait what? | You can’t marry a man that you’ve just met | If only there was someone out there who loved you.

Overall: Happy snowman | Ice man’s best friend | Ice Guy | The Clumsy Princess | The Snow Queen | Thirteenth in Line for Kingdom


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look at this lovely variety how can anyone resist

game of thrones

url: house greyjoy - house…

This looks really cool.