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"Fine. My name’s Aris. What else you wanna know?"

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Newt: A phrase or slang term I use frequently

Alby: Something that has to be kept in order

Frypan: Ideal meal I’d cook or want someone to cook for me

Gally: Someone I’ve hated

Minho: A time where I got sassy or sarcastic

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Aris: Someone I’ve lost

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Rachel: A truth about myself that few would know by looking at me

hellacuteian asked:
Once you get this, post 5 random facts about yourself, and then send it to your 10 favorite followers! :)

Why not? Thanks for sending this my way hellacuteian!

  1. Oswald the Lucky Rabbit is my favorite Disney character. Before Disney reacquired him in 2005/2006, I took an interest in him after reading a biography about Walt Disney and a section mentioned that technically Oswald was Walt’s first big character before Mickey Mouse. I like that he’s tech-savvy in Epic Mickey and quirky – he can detach his ears and turn them into keys or use them like helicopter propellers to fly.
  2. I gravitate to characters with a distinct personality and believable flaws. Lately I’ve been liking a lot of characters who either show wisdom beyond their years or ones who use sarcasm. (Ex. Bran Stark for the first type and Minho for the latter.)
  3. I like singing as long as I’m not asked to do so under pressure.
  4. I met three Hunger Games actors at Comic Con and got a chance to talk to them a day before their appearance signing at the Lionsgate booth.
  5. I want to master the art of making French macarons.

Blogrates v.2 


Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

URL: Hacker | Scientist | Engineer | Field Agent | Specialist Agent | Director

Theme: 0-8-4 | Simmons | Fitz | The Cavalry | Tin-Man | A.C.

Posts: Computer | Night-Night Gun | D.W.A.R.F. drones | The Bus | Gun | Lola

Overall: Skye | Jemma Simmons | Leo Fitz | Melinda May | Grant Ward | Phil Coulson



URL: Bystander | Kehrseite-Schlich-Kennen | Partner-in-Crime | Fuchsbau | Blutbad | Half-Zauberbiest | Grimm-in-training | Grimm

Theme: Wisecracking policeman | Vet | Police Detective | Specialty Shop Owner | Clockmaker | Police Captain | Runaway | Homicide Detective

Posts: I miss the sound of a homicide in the morning. | So, just a normal day at the office? | I wish I could do that. | How much am I worth? | What am I, your personal Grimmopedia? | There’s a part of me that doesn’t wear a badge, and there’s no telling what he’d do. |  Nobody calls me Teresa. …They call me Trubel. | A Grimm. It’s sort of a family problem.

Overall: Wu | Juliette | Hank | Rosalee | Monroe | Renaud | Trubel | Nick


Gravity Falls

URL: Faux Psychic | Loyal Co-worker | Lazy Teenager | Scheming Moneymaker | Keen Observer | Arts ‘n’ crafts person | Supernatural being

Theme: Lil’ Gideon | Dude | Wendy | Grunkle Stan | Dip | Shooting Star | Bill

Posts: People have a hard time saying ‘no’ to me. | Dude, you guys are like the Mystery Twins! | Hey guys, what’s this? A secret ladder to the roof? …Roof time! Roof time! Roof time! | We’ve got another long day of fleecin’ rubes tomorrow! | Mabel, I have very keen powers of observation. | I think…it needs more glitter. | Until then I’ll be watching you! I’ll be watching you…

Overall: Gideon | Soos | Wendy | Stan | Dipper | Mabel | Bill Cipher


Isaac Hempstead-Wright is going to be at SDCC for The BoxTrolls! But Grimm will be around that same time. Hmmm gonna need some help deciding… Anyone?

Coalite – Chapter 1 

First chapter to a story I started writing. I’m just writing and letting it take me wherever it goes.

Disclaimer: All characters created in this story are fictional and any similarities between them and real people are purely coincidental. These are figures and scenarios from my imagination that I own/created.

Want more? Read on:

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Rated F for Fandoms (Blogrates) 

I loved the themed blogrates that damedehaans did recently so I decided to try my hand at it.

YA Books

URL: Okay Sayer | Wizard | Jumper | Runner | Tribute

Theme: Augustus “Gus” Waters | Hermione Granger | Tobias “Four” Eaton | Minho | Katniss Everdeen

Posts: It’s a Metaphor | Expecto Patronum | Don’t try to define me | Great, we’re all bloody inspired | Make sure they remember you

Overall: A Little Infinity | The Boy Who Lived | Divergent | The Real Leader | The Mockingjay



URL: Bug | MU Scaring Major | Fish | Wilderness Explorer | Andy’s Favorite Toy | Piston Cup Champion | Chef | Superhero | Princess | Robot

Theme: Flik | Mike Wazowski | Nemo | Ellie Fredricksen | Buzz Lightyear | Tow Mater | Remy | Dash Parr | Queen Elinor | EVE

Posts: Pretend it’s a seed | You’re not even in the same league as me | Just keep swimming, just keep swimming… | Adventure is out there! | You’ve got a friend in me | I am speed | Anyone can cook! | I never look back dahling | If you could change your fate, would you? | Wa-WALL-E

Overall: The oddball of the colony | Monsters Inc. Top Scarer | Sharkbait | Adventurer for life | Sheriff | Rookie | Unlikely chef | Edna Mode | Will-o’-the-wisps | WALL-E



URL: Snowman | Reindeer | Ice Harvester | Princess | Queen | Prince

Theme: Olaf | Sven | Kristoff | Anna | Elsa | Hans

Posts: I like warm hugs | ‘snorts’ | Reindeer are better than people | This is awkward. Not you’re awkward but just because we’re - I’m awkward, you’re gorgeous - wait what? | You can’t marry a man that you’ve just met | If only there was someone out there who loved you.

Overall: Happy snowman | Ice man’s best friend | Ice Guy | The Clumsy Princess | The Snow Queen | Thirteenth in Line for Kingdom


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look at this lovely variety how can anyone resist

game of thrones

url: house greyjoy - house…

This looks really cool.

Anyone else think of the opening sequence in The Lion King when they saw Isaac wearing this shirt for an interview recently?

Anyone else think of the opening sequence in The Lion King when they saw Isaac wearing this shirt for an interview recently?

Questionaire Extrodinaire (Or something to that degree…) 

Tagged by good-thatshuckface.


Rule 1: Always post the rules.

Rule 2: Answer the questions the person who tagged you asked and write 11 new ones.

Rule 3: Tag 11 people and link them to the post.

Rule 4: Actually tell them you tagged them.

Questions from good-thatshuckface:

Dream destination?

It’s a toss up between Switzerland for the serene, peaceful scenery and Japan for the history and energetic vibe of the metro area.

Book your reading at the moment?

A Game of Thrones

Fandoms you’re a part of?

Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Marvel (Films and the ABC TV show), Divergent trilogy, The Maze Runner trilogy, The Fault in our Stars, Disney, A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones, Grimm, Super Sentai, Castle

Favourite film as a child?

Alice in Wonderland (animated film) or Pocahontas

Last song you listened to?

Polaroid by Milo Greene

Animal you would love to be?

Phoenix (if they existed) or some type of bird like a falcon


Writing fiction/nonfiction/poetry/etc., reading, art (mostly drawing and digital graphic making), listening to music, occasional singing, riding roller coasters, Disneylanding, traveling, cooking

3 biggest fears?

Falling into/doing something that doesn’t make me happy but pleases everyone else.

High open spaces where there’s no barriers/limited barriers to prevent you from falling. (Ex. Effel Tower staircases and Florentine Duomo’s narrow stairways and the occasional view down into the church from high up.)

Being betrayed by a friend who was really using me for their own selfish purposes.

5 things you (or others) love about yourself? 


Good memory


Strong attention to detail

Good at written correspondence

Reason you joined tumblr?

Livejournal was dead and I wanted to find an outlet for me to post confessions about some of the individuals I’ve encountered in my life without tying a name or physical appearance to the individual. Mainly these are positive things about people that I’d love to tell them but either the moment isn’t right or it would sound really cheesy if said out loud. Other confessions are open-ended views on some of the individuals that  I wouldn’t call a friend yet it’s not a full-fledged criticism of them – I’ll try to find at least one good reason why I encountered the said person in my life before admitting why I couldn’t call them a friend or close confidant.

Thoughts on rubber ducks? yes im dead serious :)

All I can think about with this question is the fact that I had a classmate from an Advanced Placement (College level) course in high school who collected rubber ducks and he’d dismantle them to add laser pointers or strobe lights in them as a hobby. I never saw any of the finished pieces but granted, they sounded awesome.

Questions Confessions of a Plain Jane is Asking You

  1. Please talk about a book/TV show/film that everyone else raves about that you can’t stand and why.
  2. Name or list a person that gets you and shares a strong bond with you.
  3. You have one day to do whatever/go where ever/have whatever you want. Money and travel are no problem – describe your ideal day and why.
  4. Favorite cultural food dish and why.
  5. 5 songs that would be on your personal soundtrack to describe you and your life.
  6. Favorite quote.
  7. If you were to enter your fear landscape, list at least 3 fears that you would expect to encounter. (Max is 7 fears)
  8. Preferred shoe of choice.
  9. Disney character most like you.
  10. Sum yourself up in one sentence. (Ex. The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest, The Boy Who Lived…)
  11. Name the famous person who is your long-lost brother/sister and why.

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