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Waking Up in The Box – Ben (From Maze Runner Books Twitter) 

Ben panicked when the big metal box started moving toward the sky. Terrified, he beat at the walls with his fists and screamed. He felt something, like a living thing wanting to escape his body. As if the vanishing memories grew form and wanted to bust out. Yelling until his throat grew ragged and sore, he ran around the darkness, tripping and falling and scrambling. Slamming into walls. His mind began to buckle, too overloaded to continue. He collapsed to the floor, sucking in each and every breath like it could be his last. He curled into a ball and sobbed. The tears flowed and his chest shook, and he felt better. Everything had been taken away from him. Why?

Tell Us a Story (Maze Runner Requests) 

I’m in the mood to do some short stories and I’m looking for your pairings.

Drop the following info into my Ask and I’ll write you something:

Character name or pairing

Genre: Action/Adventure, Humor, Romance, Hurt/Comfort (No rape requests!), Friendship

Prompt (Give me a brief paragraph of what you’re looking for in this story. Feel free to share details but please give me some room for me to express some creative license.)

I’ll take the first 5 shanks who drop their ideas into the Box. Ready? Run.

Newt’s expression just called for it… Anyone else think it was funny how Newt’s the only one looking up at this picture from PLL?

Newt’s expression just called for it… Anyone else think it was funny how Newt’s the only one looking up at this picture from PLL?

Who said Mondays couldn’t be made a little better with a Spoonful of Sugar from Disneyland’s Jolly Holiday Cafe?

Who said Mondays couldn’t be made a little better with a Spoonful of Sugar from Disneyland’s Jolly Holiday Cafe?

Waking Up in The Box - Alby (From Maze Runner Books Twitter) 

Alby moved to the center of the dark metal box and sat down. He pulled his legs under him and forced himself to breathe slowly. Calmly. He didn’t understand what was going on. But he could feel it. He could feel the memories evaporating from his mind. He concentrated. Focused. Threw all of his mental strength into grasping one last glimpse of his life. He saw devastation. Suffering. Death. Pain. Disease. But in the midst of it all, he saw a man and a woman, in love. He saw trees and sunshine. He saw a beautiful boy. And he tried to smile. Then it was gone. All gone. The box lurched to a halt. There was an awful grating sound. Light shone down from above, blinding him.

Oh Misha how sinister of you to lead Jensen Ackles astray on Twitter as he’s starting out.

Oh Misha how sinister of you to lead Jensen Ackles astray on Twitter as he’s starting out.




Disney EDM Mashup - Double Take

I know one of the talented voices behind this duo act – check out their EDM take on some of your favorite Disney songs.


exactly how big is the Maze Runner fandom? #reblog dis because im curious

Which Guardian of the Galaxy are You? 

Put an ‘X’ next to a trait if it completely fits you. Put a ‘–’ next to a trait if it partially or sometimes applies. ‘X’ is 1 point, ‘–’ is .5 point.

Here’s mine below for an example:

Peter Quill/Star Lord

[ ] The one thing you can’t live without is your cassette player with your favorite tape of Awesome Mix vol. 1.

[ ] You prefer to go by an alias – which may not be as well-known as you thought.

[ ] People consider you someone that easily attracts girls/guys.

[ ] You tend to be pretty spur of the moment – planning is not really something that comes easily to you.

[ ] You’ve lost a parent that you were very close to.

[ ] Your childhood was nonexistent – you were forced to grow up very quickly.

[ ] For the most part, you’re pretty easygoing and witty.

[–] You have a unique relationship with your boss/superior. Sometimes both of you are joking around and having a good time and other times, they are chasing you down for screwing something up big time.

[ ] So you have a bit of a rap sheet, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a bad guy.

[–] You would sacrifice yourself to save someone else in peril.

Total: 1


[ ] You are a killing machine on two legs. Defending yourself is not impossible.

[X] You were adopted.

[ ] Your relationship between you and your sibling is strained. It’s obvious that you are the star sibling and they are inferior to you in your parents’ eyes.

[ ] You have connections that can hook you up.

[X] You were forced to watch someone you care about die.

[ ] Due to your infamous family, you have a lot of enemies who would love to kill you.

[X] Working solo is more your gig but if you need to team up, it can be done.

[X] In a group, you are the voice of reason.

[ ] People find you physically attractive.

[X] It’s difficult for you to trust people, especially those of the opposite gender.

Total: 5

Drax the Destroyer

[ ] Your preferred choice of weapon is two sharp swords.

[ ] People are intimidated by you.

[ ] There’s someone you wish to exact revenge upon – you’ve been thinking about it for years.

[ ] You keep to yourself in a public setting.

[X] You can be quick to lose your temper if something really stupid happens.

[ ] Rage tends to fuel you in battles. It can work for the most part but not all the time.

[ ] You aren’t going to hide from your enemies – you’d tell them where to find you and be ready to face them.

[ ] It’s just you – you have no one else to rely on.

[X] Spare the pity party – it’s not your thing.

[X] After a loss, you’ll reflect on what went wrong and how you can correct things the next time around.

Total: 3


[X] If someone handed you a blaster/gun/anything with a trigger and some power behind it, you’re good to go.

[ ] Your appearance bothers you. No one knows what to make of you.

[X] There’s one person whom you consider your best friend.

[ ] Working a regular job is boring. You’d rather try to turn in some wanted souls for a quick and high payout.

[ ] You’ve been in multiple prisons or tight spots and have managed to escape every single one of them.

[ ] When it comes to planning an escape, you got it all thought out.

[X] Normally sarcasm finds its way into the conversation.

[X] You talk tough but deep down, you’re sensitive.

[X] If you were to lose your best friend, it would kill you.

[X] You’re skilled at figuring out technology.

Total: 6


[ ] You’re a person of very little words.

[ ] When a good song is playing, you can’t help but wanna dance – so long as no one is looking.

[X] Despite your unique appearance, you are a kind, thoughtful individual.

[X] You have a unique catchphrase that everyone associates you with.

[ ] You’re the sidekick to your best friend. He takes charge and makes the plans while you follow.

[ ] You have a tendency to act before thinking things through.

[X] You would put everyone’s safety before your own.

[ ] Sometimes you’ll do random things like drink out of a fountain.

[X] People underestimate your abilities – you may look like a pushover but if someone sets you off, watch out!

[–] You’re a loyal friend to those you meet and hang out with.

Total: 4.5

And I am most like Rocket Raccoon. How about you guys?