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Kaya Scodelario, Ki Hong Lee and Thomas Sangster on Young Hollywood

"I might have been naked!" ~ Thomas Brodie Sangster (On the shirtless pillow fight video Kaya filmed.)

Waking Up in The Box – Teresa (From Maze Runner Books Twitter) 

Teresa’s eyes shot open at the sound of a loud clank, jolting her system out of a deep sleep. She couldn’t see a thing, and felt an icy fear. She stumbled to her feet, her head spinning, her mind full of a hazy, jumbled, disappearing swirl of confusing memories. Somewhere in the darkness of her thoughts, she could see a boy, someone familiar but lost, looking at her with sad eyes. What was his name? she asked herself, but it eluded her. She knew him, and yet she didn’t. She ached inside, wanting to know. The floor bounced, something cranked, and the world moved. Upward, swaying, noisy. Everything was about to change.

Sydney Sierota of Echosmith in Cool Kids (2013)
She wears Docs, biker style jackets, and can rock a mean side part? Why didn’t I find her sooner?!

Sydney Sierota of Echosmith in Cool Kids (2013)

She wears Docs, biker style jackets, and can rock a mean side part? Why didn’t I find her sooner?!

the movie has been leaked 


i am honestly so upset and disappointed right now. an anon has just sent me the link to the movie. it was filmed at the cinema, is in a different language and the quality is awful, but it’s there.

i am begging you guys to not watch the movie online, and to not go looking for the link or to…

People have a lot of nerve I must say. Here are some of my reasons to wait until the film comes to theaters in your home country:

  1. You can dress up as your favorite character or rock your support for your favorite character on a shirt/bag/etc.
  2. Go with friends – even if its just to see the film together and talk about how it was or do a group costume!
  3. High quality pictures and sound from the comforts of a plushy theater seat.

Waking Up in the Box – Minho (From the Maze Runner Books Twitter) 

Minho didn’t panic as the memories drained from his consciousness. He didn’t yell or scream when the world clanked and moved. Slowly, keeping his hands on the wall to steady himself, he stood up, then slowly walked around the perimeter of the ascending box. He found nothing but crates & boxes. His mind growing emptier & darker, he still refused to panic. He moved the tallest crate to the centre. Carefully keeping his balance, he climbed atop the crate & reached for the ceiling. More cold, hard metal. But a crease ran down its middle. He tried, straining every muscle, to pull the two sides apart. Nothing. He jumped down and kept searching for a way out. Searching.

Making Lemonade (Reader x Choice of Supernatural Character) 

Title: Making Lemonade

Rating: PG (Cas) / PG-13 (Sam) / R (Dean)

Pairing: Reader x Choice

Genre: Romance/Humor/NSFW (Sam and Dean)

Author’s Notes: Thanks for checking out my first fan fiction for Supernatural! The beginning blurb below starts out the fiction and then it branches into separate stories for Cas, Sam, and Dean. Simply pick your favorite and read away. Each one does get a little raunchier – proceed with caution.


“Goddamn heat!” Dean cursed as he slammed the door behind him.

Sam rolled his eyes as he fanned himself with the collar of his shirt. Cas appeared from out of nowhere and scolded Dean for swearing. Dean ignored the angel and leaned against the wall nearest you.

You had known the brothers for a while since you were teens and you knew that they were busy hunting down monsters all the time. Ever since they last saw you during high school graduation, you had wrapped up your studies at college and had gotten a decent gig at a garage splitting time between repairs and body customization. It just so happened that the brothers were in town hunting a dragon monster and you told them that they were welcome to bunk at your apartment instead of their usual MO of staying in a cheap motel. Having the angel Castiel appear out of thin air alarmed you at first, especially when he appeared in your bathroom as you were brushing your teeth on the first night. Toothpaste foam frothed from your mouth as you ran for the brothers, demanding to know if they knew the strange blue-eyed man who appeared out of thin air. Dean yelled at Cas for scaring you while Sam tried not to laugh at the sight. Thankfully, Cas had taken Dean’s advice and appeared only when the brothers came back for the evening.

“No luck with finding the dragon creature?” you asked as you rinsed off some lemons you picked from the garden.

“Ah no, but we did get a couple of leads,” Sam murmured as he ran a hand across his face. “I’m gonna go research them and see what I can find.” He pointed towards the back left area of your apartment and asked, “Office area is that way, right?”

“Yup, it’s all yours,” you replied as you pulled lemons out of the sink. A few of them went on a cutting board and the rest were placed into a bowl. 

Sam nodded and thanked you before heading down to the last door on the left. Cas took a seat at the kitchen table and watched you grab sugar from a cupboard above you. You heard Dean hum as you stood up on tiptoe to grab the huge bag of sugar from the top shelf in the cupboard.

“Got enough lemons, Sugar?” Dean asked as he watched you. He shot you a cocky grin and winked.

“Nah I could probably use another dozen or so,” you joked as you dug around for an empty pitcher. “But seriously, I need a lot to make some old school lemonade. Thought it would be perfect for this weather.”

Cas                                           Sam                                             Dean

Making Lemonade (Reader x Dean) 

Author’s Note: Please check out the master post for the beginning of this story.

“Mmm sounds refreshing,” Dean said.

You looked over your shoulder and caught the oldest Winchester winking at you. He seductively licked his lips, his eyes locked on yours.

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Making Lemonade (Reader x Sam) 

Author’s Note: Check out the master post for the beginning of the story.

Sam backtracked to the kitchen and he stuck his head in. “That sounds good right now,” he said. “Can you bring me a glass when it’s ready Y/N?”

“Sure thing,” you replied over your shoulder.

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Making Lemonade (Reader x Cas) 

Author’s Note: Check out the master post for the beginning of the story.

“What is this ‘old school lemonade’ you are making?” Cas asked as he tilted his head. “I see that you are using fresh lemons but I don’t understand how it is old.”

Dean groaned and buried his face in his hands at that comment.

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Ask a Glader - #4 

In multiple interviews, the cast has mentioned that they bonded over cooking meals and having dinner together after shooting. Who would you say was the best cook and what was your favorite dish that they made?